Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Jul 08

Ben and Zac prepared the 2nd buttefly panel for glue infusion this morning, while I fit the front lip to the body. I glued and riveted it to the body when I had it fit right about the time when our buddies, Dick, Glenn, and Joe from Daubert Chemicals, showed up. We spent a while showing them around, and everyone broke for lunch, which was pizza in the blue room. Aaron and Zach spent the morning finishing weaving the 1/4" walnut, and Luke made a trip to Tramway to get some cherry clipped into 1/8" for fill. After lunch, Zac and Ben demonstrated glue infusion for Dick, Glenn, and Joe, and everything went well. Tim and Chris stopped by to talk glass with me for a while, and I think they are going to be a huge help. Sean and I also spent some time discussing the taillight options. Ben laid some balsa on the front wing and glued it down with a normal vacuum bag setup. Kendal, Luke and Zach wove the 1/8" material and got about 3 feet in 3 hours, which is a rate that we can definitely handle. Zac cut balsa for the 1st butterfly, and Ben helped him trim it and glue it down in a vacuum bag. After everyone left around dinnertime, Caroline and her mom wove 1/8" while I used body filler to feather in the front lip. It got pretty dark and buggy at around 10:00pm, so I went in to the blue room to work on fitting the Z-panel. I worked on this for about an hour, finishing at about 11:00pm.

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