Wednesday, July 16, 2008

17 Jul 08

I worked on the dash tie-in mold this morning. I skimmed it with body filler and sanded it smooth, and I made an MDF box and fastened it to the mold to make an extension on 1 leg. I then feathered it into the rest of the mold with body filler. Ben worked on infusing the messed up side of the roof scoop and had the glue infused in it by lunchtime. Zac and Zach worked on weaving the 1/4" cherry veneer, and Caroline and her mom wove the 1/8". Luke glued more maple on the seat frames. After lunch, DP, Caroline, and her mom wove 1/8" veneer, and Zac and Zach rolled some spools to feed the loom. Ben sanded, waxed, and PVA'd the brake duct molds, and he and DP infused part of 1 layer on them. Chris showed up with 1 quarter window cut, and he and I made a template and located the opposite side glass. He cut it magically while I was too scared to watch. I put some body filler on the body for a while and painted polyester resin on the dash tie-mold and sanded it. After dinner, I came back out and refined the surfaces of the inner body panel molds until about midnight.

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