Saturday, July 5, 2008

05 Jul 08

I took the front wing mold back outside and put 2 layers of chopped strand mat down on it this morning. Aaron came by to take some pictures, and Hunt made a jig to cut the corners off the spools that we glued together last night. I went to the back to lay out the veneer and try to figure out how we would spool 300 pieces of veneer that are 1/8" wide and 60' long. I laid about 40' of OSB out and put a table at the end. After lunch, we mounted small axle to the table that let us wind the veneer on the spools. Jean drilled the holes in the spools for the winding handle and ground the tearout away while Hunt cut the corners off. Caroline and I wound the veneer on the spools. Jean came out to wind with Caroline while I went back out to the front wing mold. I put down a layer of tessellated, end-grain balsa for stiffness, feathered it in with body filler, and covered it in with a final layer of chopped strand mat. Hunt made another jig to drill a hole in clothespins at an angle, and I drilled them until dinner time. After dinner, I came back out to drill some more holes, and Caroline glued string to the clothespins. Hunt took over on the drilling while I planed and jointed some oak for tomorrow. Caroline continued gluing strings to clothespins, and I glued the angle pieces on to locate the body to the chassis until about 10:30pm, at which point we called it a night. We would about 50 spools of veneer today, meaning that we have around 250 to do tomorrow. If we can get those done, the day will be a success.

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