Sunday, July 13, 2008

12 Jul 08

I took the front wing out of the bag and ground it to shape first thing this morning. It will need some work to fill in some pin holes on the top coat, but that won't be a big deal. Zach and DP showed up again, and they wove all day with Caroline. They reached 18feet by lunchtime, and we cut the veneer off the spool after we ate at the airport. They spent the next half of the day redrawing the loom in. I spent the morning making a pattern for a mold that will tie the dash in to the tunnel and figuring out how to cover the rear trailing arm bolt plates that are visible inside the car. Hunt and I went to Home Depot after lunch to get some MDF and a couple straight 2X4s to make molds with. Sean came out, and we talked extensively about the taillights and got a game plan. I bandsawed the MDF to the rough shape of the mold and drilled alignment holes in each piece. I also glued the 2 2X4s together to make a U-channel mold. It was time to eat again. Afterwards, I made 1 piece of the dash mold from MDF and copied the rest with a router and follower bit. Hunt came up, and he and I put a radius on the 2X4 mold and the roof scoop mold. After he left, I set about molding a piece on the 2X4 mold. Caroline and her mother wove most of the time I was working. Caroline helped me glue up the piece, and we finished bagging it just shy of 1AM. It was a long day, and we were ready for bed.

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