Sunday, July 6, 2008

06 Jul 08

I pulled the front wing mold from the buck this morning, and it is a good looking mold. Hunt, Zac and I went to work making a creel for all 300 of the spools that will feed the loom. Ben, Caroline and Jean went to our friend Mike Meck's hangar to spool the veneer. For most of the day, Hunt and I machined part while Zac drilled holes in them with various jigs. All in all, he drilled about 1500 holes today, which is pretty good production if I do say so myself. After everyone left for the day, Caroline and I went back out to string all the newly made parts together with all-thread to make the 4 spool carriages that make up the creel. Each assembly consists of about 218 pieces of wood that we planed, ripped, cut and drilled today, along with 72 3-piece spools, 72 axles, and 72 tensioners, which are made of a rubber band, a clothespin, and a piece of string. This puts the creel at somewhere close to 3000 pieces, each of which must fit together and work properly. I feel like everything will work well, but, there are a lot of pieces to keep track of. I am sure it will take a little tweaking, so I hope we can get it going tomorrow. We finished assembling 4 spool carriages at around 10:00pm, just in time for Caroline to watch the Next Food Network Star. Phew.

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