Monday, July 14, 2008

14 Jul 08

I pulled the roof scoop mold out of the bag this morning, but I left the part on the mold. We only laid up 1/3 of the first skin last night, and the placement of the 1st part is critical. It was easier to lay up the next pieces right over it without losing the proper location. I cut the side pieces and a layer of balsa, and Ben took over for me on setting up for glue infusion. Kendal, Zach, and Caroline wove this morning, and Luke went to Tramway Veneer to get some more stock clipped. Aaron sandblasted all morning, prepping the body for body filler and knocking the pin holes out of the 2nd butterfly panel. Sean made templates and took measurements for the taillights for most of the morning. Chris showed up with a piece of glass from an S-10 that is going to work for the front quarter window. Everyone was excited, amazed, and somewhat relieved. Well, I was anyway. Chris is really turning out to be a crucial asset in getting the car to Atlanta, and we are thankful to have his help. After lunch, I cut the taillight holes out of the rear of the body shell, and Sean began 3D modeling the taillights. Zac, Ben and I glue infused the roof scoop, and Zach, Bob and DP set up to weave 1/4" cherry. Ben sanded the inner body panel molds while I worked on the chin of the body shell and filled in other areas. I went in to eat, and Hunt and I spread epoxy over the front wing to fill in voids after dinner until about 10:15pm.