Friday, July 11, 2008

11 Jul 08

I ground the balsa edges of the front wing and a butterfly panel this morning, and Ben took the wing to the back to glue infuse the backside of it. He also cut some balsa for the 2nd butterfly panel. Everyone cleaned up the loom room this morning, and Luke mounted a spring and some locks on the door. Hunt worked on getting a vacuum pump running, and I showed around a couple guys who were shooting some footage for the Discovery Channel. DP, Luke, Zach, Caroline and her mom all worked on the weaving this morning, and they really ended up getting on a roll. They finished the day with over 14' of weave, meaning that we will have enough to do a side panel by tomorrow. Ben and I glue infused the front wing after lunch, and Ben went to work on gluing down the balsa to the 2nd butterfly panel. Aaron sanded on the body all afternoon, digging the tacky tape out of the seams. Everyone finished up at about 7:00pm, and I worked on figuring out the instrument panel. I glued some foam together and rough cut it, and came back out after dinner to shape it. I had it pretty well shaped by about 11:00pm, in between working with Hunt on cutting a hole in the dash for the steering wheel and gluing the new reed into a plywood slot that will allow us to mount it to the loom. Caroline and her mom came in from weaving, and I called it a night.

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