Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 Jul 08

I got back to work on the side of the car redo this morning. The skin for this side was ready to go, so I needed to finish prepping the surface. I ground on it for about an hour and switched to getting the roof ready. Hunt and I went to get some plywood for Ben's trailer, and DP worked on skinning a side intake panel with 1/4" woven walnut. Luke worked on the seats, and Zach pulled tacky tape off the body shell. Zac helped DP lay his part up, and the 2 of them vacuumed the roof on with me right before lunch. We pulled a full 27" of mercury on the roof and were really pleased with the lay up. After lunch, Zach and Luke wove seats, and I sanded the side of the car one last time and painted it with epoxy to seal it. While I worked on this, DP and Zac skinned another side intake panel. Caroline came out to help DP and me finalize the trim on the weave and run tacky tape around it. Zac finished cutting the screen, peel ply, and 1mil for the part and came out to help us finish it up, too. We layed up the part on the car, pulling 27" again and breathing a sigh of relief that we are probably finished with the major skins. I still have to cover the A-pillars and C-pillars, but that won't be a big deal at all. When we finished, Zac, DP, and Zach planed a bunch of cherry for the trailer, and Luke and I collected a bunch of aspen to take to Curvemakers, where they will bend some arches for us. I dug a bunch of electrical tape from the front fender edge and worked on seams in the roof and tail for a couple of hours, heading in to eat at about 8:30pm. Hunt worked on one of the butterfly panels while I was eating, and he and I looked at some cars and turned the lights out after I was done with dinner.

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