Thursday, July 24, 2008

24 Jul 08

Caroline and I went right to work on vacuuming a front fender on the body shell this morning. Zach showed up at about 8:00am to help us, and we had the part on the shell by 9:15am. We used electrical tape to mask off the trimline, and we put duct tape underneath the tacky tape on the finished weave of the adjacent panel for protection. We duplicated the process and had the opposite side on by lunchtime. Ben worked on the trailer, Luke worked on the seats, and Zach and Zac wove 1/4" veneer. After lunch, we had a visit from JB of Mas Epoxies and our buddy, Rick Fuller. I pulled the vacuum on the first front fender and cut the trimline along the buried electrical tape with a razor knife. DP and Luke glued up the beginning of another interior body panel, after which Luke went to work on the seats with Zach while DP helped Caroline cut pieces for the front quarter panels. I worked on sanding the shell and preparing the quarter panels, and DP and I had the piece vacuumed down by about 8:15pm. I helped Ben clean up his gear and went in to eat at about 9:00pm. After dinner, I came back out to get some stuff ready for tomorrow. I did a lot of work to the taillight bezels, fit the roof scoop, prepped and stained the weave for the 2nd quarter panel, and straightened out the back corners of the shell. Tomorrow, we want to get the 2nd quarter panel, along with the roof and some of the tail.

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