Tuesday, July 29, 2008

29 Jul 08

Caroline and I started getting the chin piece ready to glue on the car this morning, and we had it in place by around 10:30am. When we finished this, I went to work on the top of the car while Zach, Zac and Kendal finished up the 1/8" weave. Ben worked on the trailer, and Luke worked on the seats. DP helped me get the top of the car painted with epoxy to seal it up for vacuuming. Zach, Kendal, DP and I trimmed the new piece of veneer to fit the side of the car and stained it before lunchtime. After lunch, DP and I unwrapped and trimmed the new chin piece, and Caroline, Luke, Zach and Kendal wove seats. DP and I trimmed the rear woven section to shape, and I taped off the back end of the body while DP and Caroline set it up to glue. Caroline, Zac, DP and I spent the next hour gluing the weave to the tail of the body shell. This turned out to be a very difficult glue up, but we think we got it right. We finished at about 7:00pm, at which point everyone but Ben headed out. I took over for Hunt in sanding the old layer of weave off the side of the car for about 2 hours and got it mostly finished. Ben continued to weld on the trailer until he left at about 9:00pm. I called it a night at this time, too, as it was too dark to see the body shell anymore. We have a good chance at gluing on the roof and the side tomorrow, which will mean that we have essentially finished covering the body. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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