Friday, July 4, 2008

04 Jul 08

I cleaned up around the shop this morning and trimmed some angle pieces that we molded earlier this week. Aaron had some computer work to do this morning, and Caroline worked on the tensioning system for the loom. Zac started tearing apart the body plug. I got a little misty watching her go, but we don't need her any more, and we need the table underneath to work on the body shell when it comes back off the chassis. I sanded the front wing plug up to 220grit and put on some gel coat. Sean came out and worked on the steering wheel column some more. Aaron began weaving after his computer duties, and Ben welded on the trailer all morning. After lunch, I put down a layer of chopped strand mat over the gel coat on the front wing, and Zac finished up with a 2nd layer. Hunt and I made a run to the Home Depot to get some tempered board to make some spools for the veneer strips. Hunt, Zac and I cut a bunch of 5 1/4" squares while Caroline ran the drill press, putting a 1" hole in the center of each one. I set up a jig on the bandsaw to cut a slot in 302 of the squares that will allow us to start the veneer on the spool. When we finished, Sean and I talked about the taillights for a while and helped Zac get the rest of the body plug in the bed of Big Red. Hunt came back up, and he and I glued spools together until about 7:30pm, at which point we broke for dinner. We came back after dinner and glued up the rest of the spools until we ran out of material. We brought a bunch of stuff in from outside to beat the storm and called it a night at around 9:30pm.

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