Tuesday, July 29, 2008

28 Jul 08

I pulled the bags off the body shell this morning to find everything looking good. The rear quarter panels look perfect, and the logo turned out pretty well. Hunt and I had to go to the Home Depot to get some steel for Ben and the trailer, and we got back right as everyone was showing up. I went to work on sanding the body and cutting the trimlines, and the Kendal, Zach, Zac, and DP cleaned up around the car and the loom room. Zach and DP sanded the butterfly panels while Kendal pulled tacky tape off the body shell. Ben worked on the trailer, and Luke was off getting some 1/8" fill cut by our buddies at Tramway Veneer. Zac sanded the side of the car that we are going to reskin, then went to help DP cut the veneer for the butterfly panels while Zach continued to sand them. DP picked out the splices and stained the weave and let them dry when Luke showed up with the fill. Kendal, Zac and Zach started weaving while helped Luke get the logos glued onto the seatbacks. I glued a couple of strips of backer board into the roof scoop to thicken up the leading edge and painted epoxy around the taillight bezels to get them sealed up and ready for a vacuum. After lunch, I went to getting the tail of the car ready for veneer, and Caroline and DP went to work on gluing the veneer on the butterfly panels. They ended up getting both pieces glued to the panels successfully today, which is a relief. Luke started caning one of the seats after lunch. I got the entire back end of the car sanded, stained and coated in epoxy this afternoon and let it cure. We will be ready to skin it very shortly. Zach and DP left, but Zac stayed and helped me glue up a piece for the side scoops until about 8:00pm. Ben was still welding, and Luke was still weaving when we had everything picked up at about 8:45pm. We went in to eat, and the guys left shortly thereafter. I came back out to try to the piece of veneer glued to the chin of the car, but didn't want to risk messing it up due to darkness and exhaustion. I got the surface sanded and the piece rough cut, ready for in the morning. I went inside at about 12:30 am and wrote stinking emails for almost an hour. Time for bed, believe me.

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