Monday, June 30, 2008

30 Jun 08

I pulled the windshield frame from the mold this morning. It looked like another beauty, so I brought it inside and started cleaning it up. Aaron and Caroline pulled the 60' x 1/8" cherry veneer through 6" diameter 6mil polyethylene tubing to prepare it for drawing in on the loom. Ben went to the junkyard to get some purlings to use on the trailer. Joe and I had to get some argon for Ben to weld with, along with some body filler and tips for the hot glue gun. When we got back, it was time for lunch. After lunch, I cut a bunch of pieces of balsa to make a stiffening ledge on the front edge of the windshield surround. I used Daubert's hot melt PUR to attach them. When I finished this, it was time to fit the windshield frame. I ended up cutting the front legs off of it and attaching them seperately, but since this piece is essentially a core, the integrity will be easily regained. Hunt mixed some 2-part epoxy with some colloidal silica to add thickness to the resin that aided in filling any gaps. Ben welded all afternoon, while Caroline, Kendal and Aaron drew the loom in. Luke worked on the the roller tensioning system and got it working before heading out. After dinner, Hunt came back up, and we designed the mold for the roof intake. He sanded the nose of the car while I geared up to build the mold. I cut the 3/4" MDF into blocks and bandsawed them to the shape of the mold. I finished before midnight, ready to call it a day.

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