Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25 Jun 08

I started fitting the dashboard this morning. Luke worked on the infeed table for the 2nd loom, and Aaron and Caroline wove. Ben worked on digging a trailer out of the weeds in the backyard. By lunchtime, I had the dash in place, and the weaving was almost finished. After lunch, I laid out a knee hole for the passenger side and replicated it on the driver's side when I had it like I wanted it. Hunt and I went to Harbor Freight for another el cheapo winch to use to draw veneer through the slitter, which Luke and Ben mounted to the porch on the loom room. Luke mounted the winch to the trailer hitch of Big Red while Ben and Bob took the axles off the trailer. Next, Luke, Hunt and Ben ran a test roll through the slitter, which looks like it is going to work well. I spread body filler on the front lip of the body plug, sanded it, waxed it 3 times, and sprayed it with PVA. Tomorrow, we will need to make a small fiberglass mold off of it to use for the chin of the body. After dinner, I came back out to lay some polystyrene foam inside the passenger compartment for making a mold that will trim out the interior. I glued in blocks and ground until about 11:30pm.

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