Monday, June 16, 2008

16 Jun 08

Caroline and I prepared for glue infusion of the tail mold this morning. We had all of the veneer and plys cut, but we had to run the resin lines and wax and PVA the mold. Hunt and I made a run to Agri Supply while Ben and Caroline stripped some 2X4s from the old flank mold stands. When Hunt and I got back, Caroline, Ben and I worked on the tail mold and got it sealed. Luke showed up after a run from Tramway Veneer and brought lunch. After lunch, Caroline, Kendal and I infused the tail piece with glue, and Ben and Aaron restarted the loom. Luke went to work cutting pieces for a second loom that will be dedicated to 1/8" veneer weaving. Ben continued to make the dents for the reed and finished all of them before he headed out. I started sorting wood to be used for covering the seat frames, and Hunt and I went to the Home Depot to get some hardware for the loom that Luke was working on. We found that the glue infusion of the tail got some air-related porosity in it because we lost our vacuum from the resin curing in the lines. Caroline and I worked until about 9:00pm setting up to reinfuse with more glue to fill in the air pockets. Luke was still working on the loom. We all ate dinner, and Luke and I came back out and worked on the loom until about 11:20pm. We will be ready to glue infuse the tail first thing in the morning, and Luke has a real shot at getting the loom set up tomorrow.

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