Friday, June 20, 2008

20 Jun 08

Big success today. We pulled peel ply, bleeder ply and lines off the inside of the body mold this morning, and Aaron and Caroline took out all the bolts holding the pieces of the mold together. Ben and I added some crossmembers to the infeed ramp for the loom, and then we started taking the molds off the part. Luke was working on setting up the loom, and Hunt was working a slitter to slit veneer rolls into 1/8" strips. We had the part off the mold by about lunchtime, and we took it out to look at it in the sun. The huge amount of work we still have to do couldn't overcome the accomplishment of the body shell, and we enjoyed it for a couple minutes. After lunch, Ben, Luke Aaron and I moved a stack of OSB, and Ben, Caroline and I hung the body molds from the ceiling under the lean-to. Aaron cleaned off the table, and we moved the body into position upside-down on the table underneath the chassis. I spent the rest of the day grinding the bottom flat on the body shell and grinding in certain places on the wheel well edges, trying to coax it into position over the chassis. Hunt was still working on the slitter until we broke to eat at about 8:45pm. I came back out after dinner and worked on positioning the body until about 11:15pm. It was an awesome day for the car, and people should finally be able to see a big-time change in the view from the webcam.


Ken said...

That's a huge step forward and the shell is indeed beautiful!

Joe said...

We were really thrilled with the shell, but there is so much to be done with it in a short time that it wasn't as exciting as it probably should have been. The work on it is going pretty fast, though, so it should be spiffed up in no time. Thanks for checking us out again, and I look forward to hearing from you.