Friday, June 13, 2008

13 Jun 08

Hunt, Luke and I pulled the glue-infused nose from the mold this morning. It turned out to be a mind-blowing part, and it will only get better as we add to it. Luke and I worked on gluing, taping, and PVA-ing the mold, and I ground a scarf the side of the roof and the nose that were getting spliced together. Ben, Aaron, and Caroline wove all morning and made some incredible progress. We needed enough footage to cover the 2nd flank mold by the end of the day, so they were racing to make it. After lunch, Luke and I started getting everything together to glue the roof to the nose, and we harvested the weave that Caroline, Aaron and Ben had produced. We made strips to cover the scarf joint, and mixed and spread epoxy on the joint and the strips. Bob came by and helped Luke and me seal polyethylene film over the entire mold, which we sealed with tacky tape. The bagging was a royal success, and we gave Caroline and Ben a break from weaving to come help cover the flank mold in a layer of woven veneer, a layer of balsa, another layer of woven veneer, a layer of peel ply, and a layer of bleeder ply. We finished at about 9:00pm and called it a night. Tomorrow, we will run out resin flow lines and the vacuum lines, seal polyethylene around everything, and go for the glue infusion. The whole laminate will be made in one shot, assuming we don't mess anything up.

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