Wednesday, June 4, 2008

04 June 08

I took out the passenger's butterfly panel first thing this morning and began to get the surface prepared for the exterior skin. Caroline picked through the weave and made sure all of our splices were in order. We looked at some options for staining the weave to bring all the veneer to roughly the same color and were pretty much ready to try one by lunchtime. Ben and Zac spent the morning splicing and weaving. After lunch, Luke and I trimmed the weave to the shape of the panel, and Hunt sprayed the stain on it. Caroline, Luke, Hunt and I spent the next hour or 2 gluing the exterior skin on the butterfly panel. We let that sit in the vacuum bag until after dinner. Zac and Ben spent the 2nd half of the day on the loom, and I went down and helped them cut the 32.5' off the front roller and get refastened to the front roller for tomorrow. Ben and I finished up at about 8pm. After dinner, Hunt, Caroline and I went out to look at the butterfly panel and removed it from the bag. It is going to look killer after we get the surface sanded and finalized. We called it quits at around 9pm.

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