Thursday, June 19, 2008

19 Jun 08

I cut some 1/4" steel rod this morning for Hunt to weld to 8 pairs of vice grips. We needed to rig them this way to close off our resin flow lines on the glue-up later today. Aaron, Ben and Caroline sealed all the bolts that hold the molds together on both sides while I worked on the vacuum lines. Hunt made up a splitter for us, and, when he brought it out, we were ready to pull a vacuum. The vacuum went well, but we chased some minor leaks for a while. We told our buddies at Daubert yesterday that we really needed some glue, and our shipment arrived at around 11:00am today. This kind of help is so typical of these guys, and we really appreciate it. This meant that we were ready to flow the glue by lunchtime. We decided to eat first, and we put the glue to it right after lunch. Kendal came, and everyone worked together to make sure the process went properly. It turned out to be what we think it a raging success, so Luke got everyone moving on getting the loom put in the new shop while Hunt and I went to get some drainage pipe. When we got back, Luke, Kendal, Caroline and I cut the drainage pipe in half on the table saw. Ben worked on the frame for the doors on the loom room while Caroline, Aaron, Luke and I cleaned up. Hunt, Jean, and Caroline grilled some burgers for everyone while Luke, Ben and I hung the new door and put up a wall around the A/C window unit and the slot for the infeed of the loom. After we ate some of the best burgers anyone had had in a while, Ben and I drove posts in the ground and nailed in cross pieces to mount the drainage pipe infeed ramp to the loom. We got all the cross pieces up, along with 2 of the 6 rows of halfpipes. We finished at about 10:45pm and called it a night.

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