Tuesday, June 17, 2008

17 Jun 08

Caroline and I finished prepping the tail piece for a second glue infusion this morning, and we were pulling resin into it by the time Ben and Aaron showed up at 8:00am. We chased a leak for a while, but felt like we had a good part. Luke went back to work on the loom with help from Hunt after making huge strides yesterday, and Ben, Caroline and Aaron wove. Hunt and I made a run to the Home Depot to pick up a skid of OSB, and we got some stuff for Luke at Lowe's. After lunch, I cut the back legs off the nose mold and started to lower the rear, since the flank molds were too high in the air in the back. Ben helped me lower it, and we took the infused laminate off the tail mold. It looked good, so we cleaned the mold and waxed it twice with help from Caroline. I detached the mold from its legs while they finished the waxing, and we carried it over to the other 3 body molds. We spent the next hour or so hanging it and mounting it to the rest of the mold assembly. It fit like a glove, and Caroline and I tightened all the bolts while Ben went back to making the reed. Luke worked on the loom until about 8pm, and Ben finished assembling the reed. After dinner, Hunt came back up, and we worked on the loom for a while. I called it quits at about 11:00pm.

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