Thursday, June 26, 2008

26 Jun 08

I went back to work on the interior body panel plugs this morning. I filled in the driver's side panel and redesigned it in the process, so I had to go back and make the passenger's side the same. Unfortunately for me, the passenger's side panel had less volume, so I had to add material. I did this by making a dam out of polystyrene, mixing an expanding foam, and pouring it in the cavity. I had the foam put in by lunchtime. Ben and Luke shredded some material this morning while Caroline put together some photos on Flickr, and Aaron got a rendering ready. Ben and Aaron made another wooden angle bracket, and Luke worked on the loom. After lunch, I went back to work on the plugs. I ended up having to cover them with body filler to protect the foam from the fiberglass resin that we will make the molds from. This took forever, and I worked on them until dinner time at around 9:00pm. Ben, Luke and Caroline shredded most of the afternoon. They should finish up tomorrow morning. Paul came out to wish me a happy birthday and stayed for eats, after which I came back outside and worked until about 11:30pm. The plugs should be essentially ready to make the molds from tomorrow. The plugs took way longer than I hoped they would, so I am going to have to try to make up some time.

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Brett said...

didn't realize it was your birthday joe. happy belated!