Saturday, June 14, 2008

14 Jun 08

Caroline and I came out this morning and placed our resin and vacuum lines around the flank mold. Since we already had the veneer and transfer plys in place, we were essentially ready to roll. Ben and Luke came and helped me seal the polyethylene sheet around the edge, and Hunt came out when we were ready to infuse the glue. Everything went well, and we had the part finished by about 11:00am. Ben's family came down from Pennsylvania, and we showed them around and went to lunch at the airport. After lunch, Caroline and Luke wove about 5' of veneer while I ground the edges of the nose and flank laminates to prepare them for joining. Hunt and I peeled the bag off the flank laminate from this morning. Caroline helped me clean the edges of the nose mold and get the flank mold into place, and we went in for dinner. After dinner, we came back out, and I loosened the legs from the flank mold. Caroline put some tacky tape on the flange of the flank mold, and we finished up at about 9:45pm.

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