Thursday, June 12, 2008

12 Jun 08

Caroline and I worked on the nose mold this morning, continuing the preparation for glue infusion. Ben showed up and took her place while she went with Aaron to start weaving. We decided to lengthen the piece we were infusing on the nose to extend past the roof piece, allowing us to easily splice on the next lay-up. Luke came in a while later after making another run to see our buddies at Tramway Veneer to get some more 1/4" cherry for the weave. We had everything cut and placed on the mold by lunchtime. After lunch, Ben, Luke and I place our resin lines with some advice from Hunt and sealed the polyethylene sheet over the top. The glue infusion process went absolutely beautifully, and the part was saturated within 30-40min. After the success, Luke and I cleaned up around the shop while Ben punched more dents for the reed. After Luke left, Hunt, Caroline and I pulled the peel ply off the nose piece, which looked great. Hunt and I talked about how we could form the body into 1 piece until about 8:00pm, at which point we went in for dinner. After dinner, Caroline and I went down to the pink room to weave. A lack of resin and woven veneer will soon be holding us up on the body panel making process, so we wanted to make up a little time. Hunt came down and spliced while we wove until about 11:00pm when we called it a night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

It's been a long time since the last photo update :)
Are you keeping the suspense ?

Joe said...

Heheh, not intentionally, but it will be pretty anti-climatic if we don't finish the car on time. I will try to do better, but check out the pic of the day in the meantime. We have really been churning out some body panel cores over the last few days.

Damien said...

Thanks for the update Joe, that's just… mind blowing.