Monday, June 23, 2008

23 Jun 08

I worked on fitting and trimming the body for the first part of the morning. I cut the side intake on the other side and checked fit and alignment around the roll bar. Ben worked on getting a trailer dislodged from weeds for the first half of the morning while Luke got a mold figured out and made a trip to Home Depot for some 2X6s. Aaron did some computer work. After lunch, Luke built the mold for the dimpled panel while Ben, Caroline, and Kendal wove more 1/4" veneer. They are nearing the home stretch. I worked on cutting the side windows out and fitting the A-pillars into the body, which took me most of the day. They needed a lot of cleaning up, plus a shim along the top edge to fit properly. It looks like they may not be usable, so Hunt came up after dinner, and we talked about other alternatives until about 10:45pm. Still no definite plan, but I am somewhat sure that whatever we come up with will be less painful than the first time we made them.

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