Sunday, June 29, 2008

29 Jun 08

I pulled the windshield surround from the mold this morning, and it was a beautiful part, fully infused with glue. Next, I started pulling the interior body panel molds out of the car. I had to dig out most of the polystyrene foam from the backside with the claw of a hammer, so it took a while to get them out of there. Ben painted some polyester resin on the fiberglass parts from yesterday to cover the tacky resin that air-inhibited. We decided to make the windshield surround again for various reasons concerning fit on the body, but we knew what we were doing from yesterday, so we were ready to roll. Caroline and Ben worked on setting the infusion up, this time with 5 layers of 3/8" tessellated balsa. I ground the untrimmed edges off the interior body molds while they worked on that. When Caroline and Ben were ready to pull a vacuum, Hunt and I went out to lend a hand with the resin mixing. Everything went beautifully, and Ben cleaned up while I planed some cherry backer to use for stripping out the engine access holes in the body. I cut and fit the strips until about 7:30pm, when Caroline called me in to eat. After dinner, she came out to help me glue all the strips to the body, and we were all done by about 10:00pm.

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