Sunday, June 22, 2008

22 Jun 08

After I pulled the angle from the mold this morning, Caroline and I drilled and mounted 8 tabs onto the chassis which we used to secure the body this morning. We have about 5/8" clearance between the body and the table when making a full rotation, so that worked out well. We took the motor off the rotisserie, and Hunt made a shaft that allows us to operate the worm drive with a drill, giving us forward and reverse, as well as more precise control of the rotation. I started looking at the windshield situation, and cut the hole for the windshield in the body shell after lunch. I broke the A-pillars free from the plug, where they have been for the last 6 months, and started figuring out what I needed to do to fit them to the car. It looks like it won't be too much work, but I will have to take the body off the chassis, so it will have to wait until tomorrow when I get some help. The body doesn't weigh much more than 100lbs or so, but it is extremely cumbersome. After dinner, Hunt worked on a take-up device for the slitter, and I cut the hole out for one of the side intakes. I hot glued a strip of plywood on the backside of the panel and ran a router with a follower bit to make most of the cut. I finished up at about 10:15pm.

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