Sunday, June 1, 2008

31 May 08

More weaving today. Luke, Ben, Caroline and I finished up about 16 feet of 1/4" weave today, and we cut all the string loose on the backside tensioning device to implement a new system. Luke figured out a way to flip a clothespin over to put tension on a piece of veneer in 1 direction while letting the veneer pass through the center of the clothespin, and we arranged and glued a bunch of these. After experimenting with several systems, we decided on a rubberband and a piece of string for the hold-down for the modified clothespin. After dinner, Caroline and I drew in about 32 pieces of veneer using the new method, and Hunt wove some with us to try it out. Seems as though it will work nicely, and tomorrow we will fully remove out weight rollers and draw in the rest of the veneers with the new system.

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