Tuesday, June 24, 2008

24 Jun 08

I started the day off by lowering the body on the chassis by about 7/16". This took a while, as I had to detach all the mounting brackets, cut the body around the roll bar, and grind the wheel wells in certain locations. By lunch, we had the body pulled back up into place. Luke worked on finished up his mold from yesterday, and Ben, Aaron, and Caroline wove. After lunch, I reattached the body and started figuring out how to cut out the wheel arches. I ended up putting a wheel in the wheel well to start with. I screwed a piece of all-threaded into a threaded hole in the center of the wheel and looped a string around it. Once I had the wheel properly centered with respect to the body crease, I went around it with a Sharpie, using the string like a compass. I cut out all 4 wheel arches using this method, and I cut the passenger's side engine compartment hole. Luke brought Ben and Caroline up from weaving to glue a panel on the new mold, and Hunt and I went out to help them get it sealed up. After dinner, I came back out and made a 3-piece paper template of the engine compartment cut-out, transfered it to the other side, and cut the mirror image of the first hole. I made some marks on the back of the chassis to help me line some stuff up tomorrow and called it a night at about 10:45pm.

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