Saturday, June 28, 2008

27 Jun 08

Aaron, Luke, Hunt and I cleaned up the shop this morning while Caroline and Ben slit veneer. We worked on this until about 11:00am, after which Luke went to work on the loom, and Hunt and I looked at the steering wheel placement. We made a block to take the place of the leaf springs underneath the spring mounts to help us mock it up. After lunch, I masked off the areas around the interior body panel plugs, waxed the surfaces 3 times, and brushed on PVA to prepare for fiberglassing. Luke continued to work on mounting the drive motor to the tensioning carpet roll of the loom, and Ben and Aaron continued to slit veneer. When they finished, Ben and I laid a layer of chopped strand mat on the chin of the body plug and came inside to lay one on the interior body panel plug. Ben had to leave, but Luke had finished mounting the drive motor and came in to help me. We put 2 layers on the plug on the other side and one more on the first plug before heading in for dinner at around 8:00pm. We came back out after dinner to bring the total up to 4 layers per side before calling it quits at around 11:00pm.

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