Monday, June 9, 2008

09 Jun 08

Ben and I started looking at how to mold the 3 nose pieces together this morning. We cut some pieces to use for the radii and got the 3 pieces trimmed and ready to be connected. Caroline scraped all the resin off the surface of the mold that was left from our first glue-ups. Ben and I decided to wait until we get some more vacuum seal tape before we glued the nose together, and fortunately Luke was headed by Composites One on his way to Atlantic Veneer to get some cherry that Rusty sliced for us at .3mm (.012") thick. This stock will allow us to do some further research in the development of woven veneer for reinforced laminates. Aaron and Caroline worked on the loom for the first half of the day. After lunch, Ben and I cut tessellated end-grain balsa to fit the flank and some strips to fill out the edges. Aaron, Kendal, and Caroline came up and helped us glue it all down, as time is really of the essence due to reduced open times on the epoxy in the 98 degree heat. After we finished the glue-up, Caroline, Aaron and Kendal went back to weaving, and Ben and I waxed the other flank mold. Ben, Caroline and I glued several more layers of reinforcement into the top of the front fender arch on the flank and resealed the vacuum. After dinner, Caroline and I cut the 17' of 1/4" weave off the loom and brought it up to the shop to start fitting it to the flank to make the inner layer. We worked until about 9:50pm.

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