Thursday, June 5, 2008

05 Jun 08

Hunt and I sanded the butterfly panel this morning and began layering coats of Becker Acroma's sanding sealer to fill in the weave texture. Ben and Zac fixed a take-up roller and wove while Caroline worked on sanding some chipboard circles that Luke drilled with a holesaw on the drill press. Luke also glued up a bunch of wood for trailing arms. Aaron sanded the butterfly panel most of the morning and cleaned dust out of the small air pockets in the coat. My aunt and uncle came by, and I gave them a tour of what was going on. Hunt sprayed another coat of polyurethane sealer on the butterfly panel, and everyone took lunch. After lunch, Hunt sprayed more poly on the panel, and Caroline, Aaron and I set up to glue a weave down on the other butterfly panel. We finished this up by about 5pm, and Hunt and I sanded the other butterfly panel for a couple of hours. After dinner, Hunt came back up, and we pulled the newly covered panel from the vacuum bag and coated it with epoxy in an experiment to try to more efficiently fill the texture of the weave. We noticed a place where the vacuum bag broke the weave, so I will try to do some surgery in the morning. We coated the other butterfly panel in the epoxy after predicting success from our experiment and called it quits at about 10:30pm.

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