Wednesday, June 11, 2008

11 Jun 08

Caroline and I got outside early to cut the woven veneer to fit the roof. She and Aaron went to weave, and Luke came out to help me get everything set up to glue infuse the roof. We got the mold cleaned up and surrounded with tape, and we had a vacuum pulled by about 10:00am. We set the glue flowing, fed laminate with resin, and monitored it until about lunchtime. After lunch, Luke and I went out to the nose mold to pull the part off and cut the tessellated balsa for it. We had a few dry spots on the roof that needed help, so we added glue feed lines and vacuum lines in strategic locations to move the glue around inside the bag where we needed to wet the part out. We worked on this until about 4:30pm and finally got it fixed. Aaron and Caroline wove for the second half of the day, and Ben worked on making the reed for the 1/8th veneer weave. Luke waxed the nose section of the mold and spread a coat of PVA on it while Hunt and I got some tubing. Luke and I scored and broke the balsa to fit the nose part and cut the veneer that Aaron and Caroline had accumulated on the loom. When Luke left, Ben, Caroline and I cut more small pieces of balsa to fill in all the gaps, and then cut all the veneer to cover the balsa. Since we plan to glue infuse the nose, we were able to hold the balsa and woven veneer in place with small dots of hot glue. We finished at about 9:00pm and went in to eat.

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