Thursday, May 29, 2008

29 May 08

Caroline and I went to the pink room this morning and finished splicing the rest of the warps on the loom. Luke and Ben showed up early, and Ben helped me clean up the section of weights in the back while Luke, Caroline and Hunt started weaving. We came to the conclusion after a while that the warps were getting torn up a little bit because they were going through the rapier in pairs. Ben, Caroline and Luke spent the rest of the day fixing the problem by restringing the front of the loom and adding more divisions to the rapier. Jenna came by to go over the final game plan on the seats before she goes to Japan for next few months. Zac came out and started wet sanding the body molds with 500grit and helped the guys and girl with the loom. Hunt and I went to Roanoke, VA, to talk to Vaughn and Bill of the Cloverdale Company, which specializes in edge-banding. We were interested in seeing how they splice their veneers to get a continuous strand and also in how they slit the veneer to a given width. We learned a lot and got back at about 7:30pm. After dinner, Caroline and I went to the pink room to work on straightening out the loom a little, and Hunt came out to check it out. We wove a few picks and got a game plan together for what we need to do to fix the situation up tomorrow to get back to weaving, finishing up a few minutes before 10:00pm.

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