Saturday, May 17, 2008

17 May 08

I pulled the parts that Luke and I bagged last night and set them aside for my dad first thing this morning. Then, I started in on the seats. We want to get the brackets for them finished and glued so that we can glue on more of the front suspension and the rest of the front end of the chassis. I spent most of the morning gluing the driver's side brackets on, since they were already trimmed and ready to mount. Ben worked on 2 steel structures to allow us to mount the chassis to the rotisserie. My dad came out before lunch and started on the trim rings for the engine cover access doors. After eating at the airport, we went back to work on our respective tasks. I had to cut the centers out of the 3 passenger's side seat frames, then trim the mounting brackets and drill the hole patterns in them. Hunt mounted the router and crossfeed vise onto the lathe and turned a chunk of cherry that Zac glued up Friday. We will eventually use this for the headrest mount. Dad and I went to Arby's to get some food, and Ben, he and I ate for a few minutes at around 7:30pm. Dad finished his final trim ring and went inside to clean up some things. Ben finished his 2nd rotisserie chassis mount and left at almost 10:00pm after helping me sink a few rivets. I brought up the rear, and finished gluing the passenger's seat mounting brackets a few minutes before 11:00pm. My old man came out for a few minutes, and we called it a night.

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