Thursday, May 22, 2008

22 May 08

I started the morning off by taking some points off the rear suspension uprights in order to figure out where the trailing arms would have to come through the rear fender wells. Luke went to get some more veneer from our buddies at Tramway Veneer this morning, and he showed up at about 11:00am. Ben worked on the truss that will support the chassis on the rotisserie, and Zac cut some more string to glue to veneer strips for the draw-in process and assembled the new drill press. When Luke showed up, he started making 1 more heddle for the loom, and Zac made some parts for a tensioning device that will go on the backside of the loom. After lunch, Kendal showed up and glued string to the veneer strips that Luke picked up. Zac cut a bunch of pieces for the tensioning device, and Luke and Kendal glued up the new heddle. I cut the holes in the rear wheel wells for the trailing arms using a 2" hole saw, a pull saw, a rasp and a couple different grinders. Let's hope they are in the right place. After finishing this, I went outside and cut a few pieces to feed Ben with material as he welded on the truss. We finished at about 9:00pm.

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