Sunday, May 18, 2008

18 May 08

I started off the morning by beginning to refit the Z-panel. The seat brackets interfered with the brackets I originally intended to use to mount the Z-panel, so I had some trim work to do. We made a shim with a routed slot for a stainless bracket to bring the surface out to the same level as the seat brackets. When I finished this, I went about gluing the shock tower on. This should have been pretty straightforward as a result of Friday's precision drilling, but a little bit of arm wrestling was still involved. We used an 8' pipe clamp to pull the fenders together, and the part fit perfectly. Hunt worked on the lathe, boring out the center of the plug for the headrest screw. I took lunch when we finished the glue-up and came back out to start getting the chassis ready for the rotisserie. We took the truss off, and I made a couple of marks and took the differential out of the hole in the rear cross-section. It is a super tight fit, but it comes out as planned. Next came the transaxle, and then the cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and 2 of the intercoolers. I took the screws out that hold the chassis to the table, and Hunt drilled some holes in the steel mounts that Ben finished up last night. I went to Hunt's machine shop and drilled a 5 on 4 1/2" bolt pattern in a piece of MDF to transfer to the mount to allow us to bolt to the spindle on the rotisserie. I transfered the holes while Hunt mounted a 3/4" piece of plywood to the bottom of the steel mount. We broke for dinner, and I came back out and secured the steel mount to the rear of the chassis with 4 bolts 3/8" in diameter, finishing at around 10:30pm.

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