Sunday, May 25, 2008

25 May 08

I glued the same type of bracket from last night on other opposite side of the car this morning. Hunt came down, and he and I went to work on the loom again. We decided to make a tensioning device consisting of a lead weight that will be attached to each strand of warp and hang over a roller. We need 1 roller for each heddle since they move independently. I have to knock some bearings out of some tubes and weld hex-rods together that will fit inside the bearings and serve as axles. I finished these up right around the time that Jean had lunch ready for everyone. Ben spent most of the morning cleaning up the yard around Hunt's place. After lunch, Jenna came by, and she and I talked about the seats some more. She then helped me slot 4 PVC tubes that will be the rollers for the tensioning device. We had to run slots on the tablesaw all the way around the pipe that were 1" on center and offset 1/4" on each pipe. When we finished this, she headed out, and Hunt and I went to work making the frame to hold the tensioning rollers. We put together a 2"X4" and plywood frame that stands 8 feet tall with slots to hold all 4 rollers. I assembled the rollers on the welded axles, and we test fit everything before dinner, finishing at around 815pm. We ate dinner, and I went to the house to do some computer work. We have got to get that loom rolling tomorrow, so I am crossing my fingers.

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