Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13 May 08

Hunt and I had to make a run to Home Depot early this morning to get some supplies for the guys, and when we got back, I started fitting the cover for the rear opening to the passenger compartment. I cut it 3/4" bigger than the hole all the way around and evenly spaced some holes all the way around. I then drilled and tapped these holes into the frame that we glued around the backside of the opening several weeks ago. Ben worked on plumbing the air lines to the back shop, while Luke worked on the infeed/outfeed tensioners of the loom. Kendal drilled some holes in a piece of plywood that we will later use as nuts, and Zac sanded the body molds. After lunch, I went to work on the box channel caps. I cut one more access hole in each piece, then I started making covers for all 6 of the holes. I made these 3/4" bigger than the holes and evenly spaced some holes all the way around each one. Ben continued plumbing duties, and Luke continued loom work. Kendal swept in the shop and took over sanding for Zac, who helped Bob tear the engine apart. I continued work on the access covers until dinner time. I came back out and finished drilling and tapping all of the corresponding holes, then began on the upper mount for the engine cover. I had to fit a cover plate over the side of the roll bar, then fit the engine cover to this. I worked on this until about 11:40pm before getting it to a stopping point. The passenger's side of the car is looking pretty righteous. Hopefully, the driver's side is only a few hours behind.

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