Tuesday, May 27, 2008

26 May 08

We had a long day today. I went down to the pink room this morning to lag the roller tension assembly to the infeed table, and Ben showed up to help me go down to the airport to get a drum of lead parts to use as weights on the tensioner. Ben and Zac sorted through the drum to get several hundred of the same style weight out and began punching holes in them and stapling string to them. After lunch, Kendal, Hunt and I worked on getting about 16 pieces of warp drawn in for a trial run. The tensioner worked well, but the heddles needed some adjustment. Kendal and I adjusted them and brought everyone in to get the weave started. Ben worked in punching holes and gluing string in the weights. Zac glued leader strings to the veneer strips. Kendal and I glued tail strings onto the veneer and threaded the tensioner, and Luke and Hesterberg showed up to draw in the veneer in the front through the heddle eyes and the reed. After everyone left a little after 6pm, Ben and I went to Hardee's to grab some food. When we came back, we went back through the work that everyone had done and began to put tension on everything. We worked until about 1am, and got about 1/3 of the work completely finished on drawing the loom in. Hopefully Luke, Zac and I can get it finished at a reasonable time tomorrow and get the weave going.

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