Friday, May 16, 2008

16 May 08

I pulled 2 pieces of plywood from the vacuum bag this morning, which came out well. I set them aside for Luke and mounted a couple of angle brackets that I trimmed last night outside the rear fender wells. Ben worked on a mount for the rotisserie for most of the day and went to Durham Brazing to get some steel for it. Luke made trim rings for the box channel cap access panels. These took him until 4pm but looked good enough to eat. I laid out holes in a double block of MDF to transfer into the tunnel tower. The holes were tricky, because they had to go through the shock tower without hitting the wrong part of the radii, down through the upper control arm mounts without interfering with the cross bolts, and through the outer lip of the tunner tower without hitting the wrong part of that radius. Laying the holes out on the MDF not only allowed me to thread the needle with the hole location, but it kept me drilling squarely down through the material. Because of part interference, I had to drill down through the tunnel tower and up through the shock tower at the same point, and this would have been nearly impossible without the MDF setup. I was set to drill right before lunch, but decided to wait until after lunch to actually bite the bullet. We had a visit from John Collins, a Morgan enthusiast and heck of a nice guy as we finished lunch, and we showed him the car and talked about his Morgan for a few. When he left, I drilled the holes that I had been planning for. Everything went well with them, and I went ahead and drilled holes for the spring brackets and the front upper control arm mounts. Hunt and I went to get some bolts that would allow us to glue these parts on. When we got back, Ben headed out, and Luke and I glued some plywood that will be used for trim rings in the engine cover access doors. After Luke left, I drilled holes for the dowels in the back of the passenger seat and went to eat dinner at Hunt's. We came back to the shop, and I glued the upper control arm mounts on. I worked on this until about 11:20pm. My dad just showed up at about 11:45pm after a long day and drive, and I am going to finish this entry now and go to bed. We were the Hyperventilating Hyperlink in AutoWeek this issue, and our spot aired on NBC 17 tonight, so Brownie is feeling pretty famous.

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