Thursday, May 22, 2008

21 May 08

Ben and I went to the junkyard this morning to get some u-channels to use to mount the chassis on the rotisserie. When we got back, Ben got started working on the rotisserie while I made some slight modifications to the truss to accommodate the engine cover access panels. I worked on these off and on while I helped out with other tasks and had them finished by about lunchtime. Hunt glued a part of a winch to one of our round, fluted columns, and Luke mounted it to the loom to use for the take-up roller device. Zac hot-glued strings to one side of 180+ strips of 1/4" wide cherry veneer so that we could draw in the loom. After lunch, Luke and I moved the nose mold into the shop to start thinking about it, and Hunt and I made a run to Harbor Freight to get a couple things. When Luke and Zac finished up their work on the loom, Hunt and I went down and began to figure on setting it up. Zac and I started drawing the loom in, but Jenna showed up just in the nick of time. Luke kindly took over for me while she and I discussed more seat options. Ben plasma cut holes in the rotisserie brackets for 2 16' pipes and began welding crossmembers in between them. Luke and Zac headed out in the early 6pm range after getting the loom drawn in, and Hunt and I went to work tweaking its operation. Ben finished up around 8pm, and Hunt and I worked until a little after 9pm. We have decided that the 1/4" veneer needs to be more like .240 or .230 to work properly with our setup. Luke is going to go see our buddies at Tramway Veneer tomorrow, and hopefully they will get us set up.

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