Saturday, May 3, 2008

03 May 08

Lots happening today. Caroline and I glued a skin on the inside of the 2nd engine cover this morning. I went to work making a walnut block to trim out the back end of the truss and glued it on. I also ground last night's scarves smooth on the underside of the truss. Ben showed up at around 10:45am, and he and Caroline glued a seat laminate right before lunch. After lunch, Caroline and Ben went back into glue-up mode. We need to make access panels in the engine covers, so we molded plywood over the top of them. Ben and Caroline made one of these for each side, along with another seat laminate. Hunt returned and went back to work on the loom, turning some handles on the lathe and mounting them. He also trimmed my lower engine cover mount. I took the clamps off the back of the truss and ground the block down to a radius that runs across the back. Hunt and I then decided to glue the arm rest tie-ins on, and he helped me get one side clamped down right before dinner. Ben worked on finishing the 2nd end of the 180 heddle eyes that he had made, glued up 2 pieces of plywood in the press, and cleaned everything up from outside before he left. I went in to eat and came back out to glue the 2nd arm rest tie-in on. I finished at about 10:40pm and am ready to do some grade-A sleeping.

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