Sunday, May 4, 2008

04 May 08

The pieces we glued on the car turned out well this morning. I spent the first part of the day fitting the lower mount for the passenger side engine cover, but did not begin the process of grinding the bevel in it yet. Instead, I went about gluing 8 plywood blocks onto the S-panel where we will locate the mounts for the trailing arms. I worked on this on-and-off all day long; it took a while because I had to drill out some rivets, removed some glued-in bolts, and make spacers and shims to fit the blocks appropriately. Ben and Caroline glued another seat laminate, and Ben glued up plywood for several of the shims that I needed to my trailing arm mounts. He also glued some panels that will be access doors for the box channel caps. Luke showed up around 10am and continued his quest on the loom. Zac came in around lunchtime and started an intensive clean up of the back shop area. Hunt helped Luke on the loom for most of the day, and he and I had to make several supply runs to keep Luke rolling. Ben began to help Zac with the clean-up when he finished making plywood, and Charlie came by with the Green Machine and got a giant dirt mound out of our way. I rather enjoyed stumbling over that thing while carrying a random, cumbersome item in the dark for the past few months, but I suspect I will learn to live without it. I got the last of the blocks glued on at about 8:30pm after everyone had left. After dinner, I came out to find Hunt working on the loom, and I did some research for a couple of hours.

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It looks like both of your web cams have stopped working. 1 yesterday, now both today.