Friday, May 2, 2008

02 May 08

I worked on fitting the engine covers for most of the morning. I pulled the reskinned piece from the bag this morning, and ground the edges back to shape and worked on finding the original mounting holes. Next time, I will only put on 1 piece at a time, because finding the holes was an unnecessary pain. Ben spent the entire day twisting the heddle eyes for the loom on the jig that Hunt and I worked on last night. He made 180, finishing up right at 6:30pm. Zac made another seat piece this morning, and Aaron helped him. Luke continued his work on the frame of the loom. Hunt helped on the loom most of the day. Paul brought us lunch from the church BBQ chicken fundraiser, and everyone had some. After lunch, everyone went back to work, except Aaron, who left early. Zac and I glued a new skin on the 2nd engine cover, and Zac glued up another seat laminate with help from Ben. I made a mold to remake a mount for the engine covers, and Zac glued a piece on it right before he left. I took the truss off the chassis and began dressing and trimming it. I treated the back bottom edge right before going in to eat. I came back out and sanded it down a little more. Hunt came up, and he and I used a router to trim up the inside of the truss a little, and I ground scarves into a butt joint on each side and glued a chunks of bi-ply over them to tie them together. Hunt worked on assembling one of the heddles, which is really going to be sweet. We finished a little before 11:00pm and headed out.

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