Monday, May 5, 2008

05 May 08

Everyone got here early this morning to clean up before a video shoot with the Discovery Channel. I spent most of the day doing interviews and showing them around, finishing up at about 4:00pm. The guys had plenty of work to do, fortunately. Ben did a lot of weedeating. Aaron got the webcams fixed while Luke and Zac got a truckload of lumber from the Home Depot. Luke worked on the loom for the rest of the day. After lunch, Aaron, Zac and Caroline added a layer of birch to a butterfly panel. Ben and Zac glued several extra layers to the back of a seat laminate that we will use as a template to rout out the other seats. After the guys from the Discovery Channel left, I went to work in refitting the engine covers while Aaron and Zac added legs to the nose mold. I made a template for the lower engine cover mount on the driver's side and determined that the mold for the passenger's side could be made to fit. Ben and I glued a part on that mold, finishing around 8:30pm. I went inside to eat and came back out to work on fitting the passenger's side engine cover. I drilled holes in the lower mount and tapped corresponding holes in the rail to which it mounts. I then ground a bevel in the rail to accommodate the angle that the engine cover sits at. I had it pretty close to right by about 10:30pm and decided to call an end to a long day.

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