Thursday, May 15, 2008

15 May 08

Rolling right along today, as usual. I started work on fitting the access panels on the engine covers this morning while Hunt routed the edges of the MDF chunk that Zac glued up yesterday to create a new mold that will allow us to trim out out the gas tank area. The skins that Ben and I glued on the last night turned out well, and I clamped the first set of access panels inside the engine cover, traced the lines of the holes, offset the line 3/4" outside the hole, and cut the panels out. Then, I clamped a piece of wood to the table of the drill press that held the panel off the center of the drill bit by 7/16" and drilled away. Hunt and I had to make a supply run to Home Depot this morning, but I had the first set pretty well finished by lunchtime. Luke worked on gluing a trailing arm, while Zac glued up a panel on the new mold. Ben worked on plumbing water to the glue room. After lunch, I worked on sanding and cleaning up the passenger's side engine cover and access panels, while Luke got started on duplicating the process for the driver's side. Hunt and I made a run to get some fittings for Ben and a piece at the junkyard that we need for the final piece of the loom. Zac glued another part on the new mold and went to help Bob tear the 2nd Northstar apart. I fit the new piece that Zac glued earlier today. Jenna showed up to show us some potential twill patterns for the exterior skins that we would be able to weave with 3 or 4 heddles on our loom, and we made our final decision on which one to use. She and I also talked about the seats and the headrests quite a bit, and she is probably going to come back out on Monday to meet with us again. Everyone is impressed, as she is really doing a heck of a job. After she left, Luke and I headed out to get some dinner. When we came back, we glued a couple panels together to make trim pieces for the box channel access holes. Luke left shortly thereafter, and I went back into the blue room to fit some pieces. Hunt glued some pieces together for the trailing arms, and I worked on fitting some brackets on the passenger's side. I called it quits around 11pm.

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