Wednesday, May 7, 2008

07 May 08

Today was essentially a continuation of yesterday. I finally got the engine covers essentially fitted and glued on the lower engine cover mounts, and Luke worked on the loom some more. Luke probably has another day left in the loom before it is ready to weave. Zac built tables under the remaining 2 body molds, and Aaron helped make some loom pieces. Ben glued up the final seat laminate in the morning and worked on running air to the back shop for most of the day, along with installing 1 more air hose reel in the blue room. Hunt helped Luke on the loom and kept everyone rolling. While I was waiting on pieces of the engine cover mounts to dry, I did some work in cleaning up the roll bar and figuring out the seats. I ran 3 of the seat laminates through the table saw on our sliding miter box to square them up, and I figured out the angles at which they need to be installed in the car. I glued 1 more scarfed tie-in to an upper engine cover mount and made a Home Depot run with Hunt as a preemptive strike against the needs of tomorrow. We called it a night early for the first time since I can remember to try to get some extra energy stored.

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