Tuesday, May 27, 2008

27 May 08

Everyone worked on the loom all day today. I started drawing more warps through the heddles, and Zac showed up early this morning to help. Luke and Hesterberg showed up at about 930am, and we got a production line going. Hesterberg threaded the tails over the roller tensioner and tied the lead weights on the end while Luke glued the tails on the veneer strips. Zac made more weights for us while I tensioned and glued the lead-in cords to the take-up roller. We worked non-stop on getting everything threaded and finished at around 2:15. We made some trial runs for an hour or 2, and decided that we needed to work on the take-up roller. Kendal came and helped out, and we took some parts off the loom and cleaned up the pink room a little bit. I made a new block to insert into the end of the take-up roller for increased stability, and Hunt worked on reversing the direction of another winch to use to keep tension on the bottom roller. Zac and I split at around 7:15pm to play some basketball with Berg, Luke, Ben and his buddies. We had a good time, and I have that out of my system for a while. Tomorrow, we should have the take-up roller worked out hope to be ready to weave.

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