Wednesday, May 28, 2008

28 May 08

Caroline and I got to work on the loom again today. We had a little work left to do mounting the take-up device after Hunt reversed the direction of the lower winch. Ben and Zac moved around a lot of engine parts out of the welding room while we got the loom ready. Caroline and I cut off and reglued all the strings to the lower take-up pulley, and the weaving finally commenced. It didn't take long to realize that we made a good decision when we decided to make the loom. We rolled along at a rate of about 1ft per hour, resulting in roughly 8 sq. ft. and nearly double what it took 3 days to do by hand. Not including the splicing, the loom makes up about 48 days of work per 8 hour day. We wove and spliced until dinner time, and Caroline and I came back up to splice some more. Hunt came out, and we wove until about 11:15pm. We had big success with the loom today, and everyone is somewhat relieved to see it work. It's one more question mark behind us.

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