Friday, May 9, 2008

09 May 08

This morning, Hunt welded 4 stainless plates together, and we drilled a hole pattern in them on the milling machine that matched the hole pattern on the trailing arm mounts from yesterday. I separated them and began mounting the plates to the S-panel. The plates went on front side of the S-panel, with the trailing arm mounts on the inside. They were butted up to the box channel on one side, so drilling the holes for them was a challenge. I spent a couple hours working them, but finally got them finished. Luke showed up, and he and Hunt continued to formulate on the loom. Rick came out and worked on putting the roof on the lean-to that wraps around the new building. Luke, Hunt, Rick and I had some pizza for lunch and went back to work. I glued some small plywood pieces on the side of the roll bar. Luke left, and I started figuring out how to mount the seats. We decided to make wood angle brackets that match the angle of the seats, and I started work on an MDF mold. Hunt and I notched out one corner to inlay a piece of PVC pipe for the radius. I smoothed everything over with body filler and went in to eat. As Caroline and I went back out to glue a piece on the new mold, we found a stray cat that Caroline is currently adopting. The cat is, as of yet, unnamed. Caroline prepared some stuff for the cat while Hunt worked on the loom, and I glued up a bracket on the new mold. I finished by about 10:50pm and went inside to relax.

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